Saturday, February 23, 2008

Way overdue

Yes, I know February is almost over and I am just now posting pictures from Halloween thru New Years. I still think they are fun to look at and it can give you a glimpse into what we were doing and why I was too busy to post and blog earlier! :) There are kind of a lot of pictures, but a lot of great memories were made. If you have a minute, I hope you'll enjoy looking at them.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Chicken Pox, Ice Cream and Saturday Sunshine

The quarantine has been lifted!! We are free to mingle with the rest of the world now. We seemed to have survived the chicken pox AND each other quite well. I'm really impressed with the boys self control and tolerance for the uncomfortable. They are my champions!! These pictures were taken when they were at the height of the pox. I know they are not pretty pictures but notice the SMILES on their faces. I did not force that from them, that really is how they felt 90% of the time! We had a few fevers but I welcomed them, it made them rest and take a nap. I thought for sure I'd go through several bottles of calamine lotion with 4 kids having the chicken pox. We used about 1/3 of 1 bottle, and that was mainly on Mylie!
Still, even with how good the whole ordeal was, I was ready for a break! I needed to get away from the house and have a little ME time. My friend and neighbor, Jessica had been home with her little guy sick all week too. She and I decided we deserved a little evening away. Nothing major, just some time to breath without someone clinging to us. So we headed out for some dinner at this great little bistro in dwntn Livermore and then for a treat to Coldstone. I rarely go there, but I do love it. After a little searching we found our perfect new love... Tall, Dark and Minty!!! Dark chocolate Peppermint ice cream with Oreo's.!!! It is pure heaven in a pint!! You should of seen us practically running to the car, just so we could open the ice cream and dig in! I can't even explain the euphoria I was experiencing as I ate the ice cream. I have truely never had this kind of reaction to food. I really think being cooped up for 8 days affected my taste buds or something. I seriously fell in love with this ice cream!!! A little bit of an unhealthy relationship here or what???

Saturday was so beautiful here and we spent almost every daylight hour outside. The sun felt so good! We had an impromptu picnic with some neighbors on our front lawn, rode bikes to the park, walked to 7-11 for a slurpee, wore out lots of chalk while experimenting with shadows, and just enjoyed human interaction with those outside our walls! It was a good day!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Lock Down!

The Tenney house is currently in Lock Down. Quarantined from the outside world. All four kids have the CHICKEN POX!! So if anyone wants to just get it out of the way.. feel free to come visit us! :)

On the flip side, you might see a lot more blogging from me during this time. Nowhere to go, nothing to rush off too. It's actually kind of nice.

Luckily, so far, the kids are doing fine. Weston and Mylie have it full blown right now,(see their pics) and Ethan and Aiden are just starting to get a few dots. We'll see how they are in the morning. Other than it being a little annoying, it's kind of like a vacation. They can't go anywhere, they don't feel all that bad and video games keeps their mind off the itching.
Not that we want to do it again, but I'll take this over the flu anyday!

Anyway, keep us in your prayers, mainly me, for my sanity!!! :) j/k

My poor Mylie girl. She is such a tough cookie! I know it looks bad, but she is still really happy and in a pretty good mood. I have caught her rubbing her head on the couch cushions or she'll rub it against me while I'm holding her though. I feel so bad for her!
This other one is Weston's back. Sorry for grossing you all out!!