Monday, August 4, 2008

Vacation pics

Here are just some of the pics from our trips. There are lots of other pics I need to gather from those that were with us taking pics. I definatly did not capture all that we did. Hope you enjoy these for the time being.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

"Free Fallin"

We have just returned home from a 3 week vaca and I have lots to post. Pictures, video and words to describe it all. It might take a while to get it all put together and will most likely come in several posts, so please be patient with me.

So where were we??? We were in sac for a week playing with Brooke and her kids, while Brooke and I worked on a project; revamping a kids kitchen set my mom gave Mylie. It's not quite done so I'll save all the pics for a post when it's done. Then we were off to Utah to visit family and friends. we had a blast and did all kinds of crazy things including going on a 240 ft SLIP-N-SLIDE! Then it was back to Cali, and Mike finally got to join us for a Family Reunion on his side, in Donner/Tahoe. It was so fun to see all the family. The kids are at an age where they will be able to remember all the fun cousins they have and all the adventures we had with them. I miss all the help I had with all of them around!

Then to top it all off, I was finally able to live out one of my life long dreams/goals, SKYDIVING! 12 of Mike's family members, 3 sisters, 4 cousins, 2 aunts, a nice, and a nephew and me, all took the leap together, well, in 2 different planes, but we were all in it together. The only bummer was that Mike had to work or else he would've been right there with us.

So that's what this post is really about..... pics from the amazing jump! I loved every second of it and, NO, I was not scared..not one bit. I was so hyper and amped... I couldn't wait to get on the plane and jump! Now all I can think of is when do I get to go again....... any one want to join me???? It was AMAZING!!!! I'm so hooked! Weston wants to go really bad too... just 7 more years and we'll go together!!!

Rockin the harness!!!

Lovin it!!