Saturday, November 17, 2007


This picture was supposed to be with a different post, but something that is frustrating me to no end is how with one slip a picture is deleted and I can't figure out how to add it back on to the post or just undo the delete.... ARGGG!

So anyway, after our little photo session, she was playing with her toys and I noticed her cute little feet crossed and I had to snap a pic of that too. She looked so casual to precious. It's a mom thing... how one simple thing makes you love even bigger and more than you ever knew was possible!
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Friday, November 16, 2007

It's great to be 8!

I can't believe my first baby is now 8! What a great day it was to have him baptized. A lot of family was able to make the trek and be a part of the special day. Thank you for all your support!
Weston was very excited and is a great kid!

3 cheers for Scouting!! The other great thing about being 8 is cub scouts! It has made my week a little busier, but so fun! All Weston wants to know is when will they teach him to shoot a bow and arrow! Posted by Picasa


Our attempt at a cousin group picture.
My recommendation, don't try it right after church! After 3 hours of sitting still the last thing they wanted to do was sit still and smile for the camera!
We got a few cute shots!
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Summer fun

A little outing to the Livermore beach...think Folsom Lake, Beals Point.
Ethan warming up in the sun.

Beach Babes!
"Brooklyn bridge is falling down, falling down..."Posted by Picasa

Congrats Jeff and Teresa!

We finished off the summer with my brother Jeff's wedding. Weston was a ring bearer and I was a bridesmaid. He was a little nervous, but at the rehearsal dinner, when they gave him a gift for being a part of the wedding party, he thought it was pretty cool.

The wedding was at Grand Island Mansion, just outside of Sacramento. It was so beautiful! We are so happy for Jeff and so thrilled to have such a wonderful new sister in the family!

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First Day of School!!

Oh, how Aiden wants to go to Kindergarten!
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Can you blame me??

Another afternoon impromptu photo session. I love this dress and bow, but mainly the little girl wearing it all!!

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Siblings are the best!!!

Whether it's building forts, posing for the camera, trip to the Jelly Belly Factory, or helping feed your sis, nothing beats a sibling!!! Nothing makes a parent happier than to see them becoming best friends!!

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Couldn't help it!

She looked just too scrumptious after her bath in her cute little towel. I couldn't resist. I had to take a few pics.

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Beach trip #3

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Afternoon at the beach-#2

Any last words Mr. Sandcastle???

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Alameda Beach

A family outing to a local beach was a lot of fun. I did bring swimsuits for the boys but they couldn't wait long enough to get them on. As soon as they say the water they went running for it. So they wore the swimsuits on the way home.
I'm still experimenting with the blog thing and trying to figure out how to get pics on the fatest and easiest. Using Pictage is fast and easy, but it only lets me post 4 pics at a time.That is why there are so many postings to cover one event. Sorry, anyone have any tips to get around that???

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