Saturday, March 1, 2008

Kids Montage

Aiden has been taking a gymnastics class for the past few weeks. It has been really good for him and he has a lot of fun. This is a new friend he has made, his name is Brian and he happens to be a member of our stake as well. What a great connection! They have alot of fun together and I love watching him bounce, jump, swing and tumble all over the place.

Weston has learned a very valuable lesson about KARMA. Last saturday we were at a birthday party for our neighbor and the kids were all playing in the jump house. For some reason Weston thought it'd be a good idea to give Aiden a mega, ultra, super wedgie, (his words, mind you) Well, it was obviously not ok and he and I had a little talk and he had to sit out for a while. As he was diving through the entrance to go back in Aiden was coming out. Aiden inadvertanly kicked Weston in the face resulting in Weston's first shiner! This picture is a few days later so it's not that bad anymore, but you get the jist. It created a really nice teaching nice or you'll get a black eye!!

Weston had his first Science Fair Project this past week. He had the option of submitting it to the district Science Fair too, and so he did. It was a good experience. Next year he wants to have his project judged so we better start thinking of a good one.

Weston is experimenting with his artistic side too. He took this picture and showed it to me and said, "Look mom, still life."
I know those bananas were really ripe, they made great banana pancakes the next morning. I could even hear Jack singing in my head while I was making them.

Ethan is a funny kid. He is so sweet and makes me laugh. I am so impressed by him in so many ways. One of his favorite things is to help me take out the garbage. He does it all by himself, all of it. So one day after he had emptied the garbage, taken it out to the big can, and put a new bag in, (something Mike still has trouble doing, lol ) he decided to climb in. Why not, it was clean! It made perfect sense to a 6 year old! Made for a cute funny picture too!

Mylie is in the quick and curious stage. I usually have a gate up infront of the stairs so she is pretty contained. If I don't get that gate up she takes full advantage of it. Climbing the stairs is one of her absolute favorite things to do. While I was busy unloading groceries she made her way upstairs and into our bathroom. It wasn't long till I realized she was missing and so we,(ethan aiden and I) went searching and found her in my bathroom upstairs. She was having fun!!! Reminds of the picture in the book, "I Love You Forever"

Frog legs anyone???

Mylie has acquired the taste for the unusual... frog legs, but only the rubber kind. I was cracking up when I saw her with this little green frog coming out of her mouth. She thought it was pretty funny too. She's a little stinker, everything goes in her mouth! We have to be very careful around the house. The boys are keen to her little habit too. They look after her pretty well and tell me right away if she has found some little treasure she wants to taste.
The grossest, wierdest thing she actually swallowed was a band aid off her own finger. At her 9 mos. appt. the dr. did a finger prick to test for anemia, vitamin levels, etc.. and they put a little band aid on her finger. Silly doctor. Well, I went to the grocery store right after her appt. and as we are shopping I notice Mylie seems to be chewing on something and kind of gagging. I quickly unbuckle her and pull her out of her car seat all the while trying to get this object out of her mouth. I was unsuccesful and as I'm looking in her mouth to locate whatever it was and try again, I see her swallow it. I couldn't tell at first what it was, then I looked at her band-aidless finger. Sure enough, the next morning guess what I found in her diaper!! Atleast it came out! The boys got a good laugh out of that gross!