Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Run. Drive. Sleep? Repeat.

So last weekend I just participated in one of the most fun, crazy, challenging, fullfilling, exhausting things ever! A Ragnar Relay! What is that you ask...12 man team(we had 11 girls, 1 guy), each running 3 legs of a 188 mile race from Santa Barbara to Laguna Beach, over a 2 day period. It was soooo fun! I've been training since January for it and lovin it. I was the 12th man, so I ran leg 12, 7 miles, at about 4 pm , 24, 6 miles at 3 am, yes AM, and 36 which was 3 miles to the finish line at 3 pm on day 2, for a total of 16 miles. I also happened to have the legs with A LOT of hills so it felt like more, but it was so fun! I would totally do it again! They have them all over the US,( so if anyone is interested, let me know! This is the first time they did LA and there were a few logistical problems, so hopefully they work it out and can do it again next year. I'd be interested in doing the Utah or Washington one, too.
Mike was able to be home with the kids and they all enjoyed their time together. It was a nice break for mom and FROM mom! They ordered out food all weekend, played video games and computer games all day,(and night), built a pinewood derby car, the boys got in lots of wrestling time and mylie got cuddle time, and i even came home to a clean house! I think I should go away more often!
All in all it was WIN-WIN for everyone.

This was the day before the race on our way to Santa Barbara, that's why we all still look so happy!!! We don't know quite what we were getting ourselves into!

Morning of the race, leaving the hotel!! So excited!!

WE SURVIVED!! Everyone did great!