Sunday, June 8, 2008

A mixed emotion

June 2nd was our Livermore 1 year Anniversary! Time sure does fly. It has stirred many mixed emotions for me and the fam. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, our neighborhood. We have made some wonderful new friends and feel like we've known them forever. It breaks my heart to think we might not live here forever.
It also reminds us of all our family and friends that we left a year ago. We miss you all so very much and you are all still so fresh in our hearts and minds. Not a day passes without someone talking of our old school, friends, ward, or family and how much we miss it.
We feel so blessed to always be surrounded by so much love and support.

We know we will be here for a while longer, so remember we love visitors!!!

Talent Show Pictures!!!!!

One of the teachers from Primary, bless her, took some pictures of my boys during the Talent Show. Weston was in her class last year, she is so sweet!!! The pictures are great! I am so thankful that she took them!!!! She made my day!!! Now you can see what I was trying to describe! Love it!!

Here they are... THE TENNEY BROTHERS!!!!

Aiden is lovin it!!

Go Ethan!
He's so in the zone!

Can you see Ethan's jump?? I love that it was captured. It was right on with the timing of the music! Sing it loud Weston!!!