Saturday, October 17, 2009

dragonflies and lizards

The kids found a dragonfly in the pool and Ethan rescued it, he was so proud. Its wings were damaged so it was letting the kids "hold" it. They loved being that close to such a cool insect. I thought it was really neat too, until my friend told me that they can bite you, and it hurts....thankful we had no such incidents..just enjoyed a magnificent insect up close.

A few days later, Ethan caught a lizard and decided he was going to keep it for a pet. He made a habitat for it in an ice chest, caught flies to feed it, was really taking care of it. After a couple days, and some encouragement from his brothers, he decided letting it(he gave the lizard a name, but I can't remember right now)be free was the best choice. It was a hard choice for him but alteast we took some pics to remember it by!


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Cyn said...

When did the little brothers get so grown up?